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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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The emission control system of your
vehicle is covered by a written limited
warranty. Please see the warranty infor-
mation contained in the Owner’s
Handbook & Warranty Information book-
let in your vehicle.
Your vehicle is equipped with an emis-
sion control system to meet all applicable
emission regulations.
There are three emission control sys-
tems, as follows.
(1) Crankcase emission control system
(2) Evaporative emission control system
(3) Exhaust emission control system
In order to assure the proper function of
the emission control systems, it is rec-
ommended that you have your car
inspected and maintained by an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer in accordance with
the maintenance schedule in this manu-
Caution for the Inspection and
Maintenance Test (With Electronic
Stability Control (ESC) system)
To prevent the vehicle from misfir-
ing during dynamometer testing,
turn the Electronic Stability Control
(ESC) system off by pressing the
ESC switch.
After dynamometer testing is com-
pleted, turn the ESC system back on
by pressing the ESC switch again.
1. Crankcase emission control
The positive crankcase ventilation sys-
tem is employed to prevent air pollution
caused by blow-by gases being emitted
from the crankcase.This system supplies
fresh filtered air to the crankcase through
the air intake hose. Inside the crankcase,
the fresh air mixes with blow-by gases,
which then pass through the PCV valve
into the induction system.
2. Evaporative emission control
(including ORVR: Onboard
Refueling Vapor Recovery)
The Evaporative Emission Control
System is designed to prevent fuel
vapors from escaping into the atmos-
(The ORVR system is designed to allow
the vapors from the fuel tank to be
loaded into a canister while refueling at
the gas station, preventing the escape of
fuel vapors into the atmosphere.)
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