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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Fuel vapors generated inside the fuel
tank are absorbed and stored in the
onboard canister. When the engine is
running, the fuel vapors absorbed in the
canister are drawn into the surge tank
through the purge control solenoid valve.
Purge Control Solenoid Valve (PCSV)
The purge control solenoid valve is con-
trolled by the Engine Control Module
(ECM); when the engine coolant temper-
ature is low during idling, the PCSV clos-
es so that evaporated fuel is not taken
into the engine. After the engine warms-
up during ordinary driving, the PCSV
opens to introduce evaporated fuel to the
3. Exhaust emission control
The Exhaust Emission Control System is
a highly effective system which controls
exhaust emissions while maintaining
good vehicle performance.
Vehicle modifications
This vehicle should not be modified.
Modification of your vehicle could affect
its performance, safety or durability and
may even violate governmental safety
and emissions regulations.
In addition, damage or performance
problems resulting from any modification
may not be covered under warranty.
If you use unauthorized electronic
devices, it may cause the vehicle to
operate abnormally, wire damage, bat-
tery discharge or fire. For your safety,
do not use unauthorized electronic
Engine exhaust gas precautions (car-
bon monoxide)
Carbon monoxide can be present with
other exhaust fumes. Therefore, if you
smell exhaust fumes of any kind inside
your vehicle, have it inspected and
repaired immediately. If you ever sus-
pect exhaust fumes are coming into
your vehicle, drive it only with all the
windows fully open. Have your vehicle
checked and repaired immediately.
WARNING - Exhaust
Engine exhaust gases contain car-
bon monoxide (CO). Though color-
less and odorless, it is dangerous
and could be lethal if inhaled.
Follow the instructions on this
page to avoid CO poisoning.
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