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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Pre-tensioner seat belt
Your vehicle is equipped with driver's and
front passenger's pre-tensioner seat
belts. The purpose of the pre-tensioner is
to make sure that the seat belts fit tightly
against the occupant's body in certain
frontal collisions (or side collisions). The
pre-tensioner seat belts may be activated
in crashes where the frontal collision (or
side collisions) is severe enough.
When the vehicle stops suddenly, or if
the occupant tries to lean forward too
quickly, the seat belt retractor will lock
into position. In certain frontal collisions
(or side collisions), the pre-tensioner will
activate and pull the seat belt into tighter
contact against the occupant's body.
If the system senses excessive tension
on the driver or passenger's seat belt
when the pre-tensioner activates, the
load limiter inside the pre-tensioner will
release some of the pressure on the
affected seat belt.
The pre-tensioner will activate not only
in a frontal collision but also in a side
collision, if the vehicle is equipped with
a side or curtain air bag.
The seat belt pre-tensioner system con-
sists mainly of the following components.
Their locations are shown in the illustra-
1. SRS air bag warning light
2. Retractor pre-tensioner assembly
3. SRS control module
Do not put anything near the
buckle. Placing objects near the
buckle can adversely affect the
buckle pre-tensioner and may
increase the risk of personal
injury in the event of a collision.
For your safety, be sure that the
belt webbing is not loose or twist-
ed and always sit properly on
your seat.
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