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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
If the shoulder belt portion slightly touch-
es the child’s neck or face, try placing the
child closer to the center of the vehicle. If
the shoulder belt still touches their face
or neck they need to be returned to a
child restraint system.
Pregnant women
The use of a seat belt is recommended
for pregnant women to lessen the chance
of injury in an accident. When a seat belt
is used, the lap belt portion should be
placed as low and snugly as possible on
the hips, not across the abdomen. For
specific recommendations, consult a
Injured person
A seat belt should be used when an
injured person is being transported.
When this is necessary, you should con-
sult a physician for recommendations.
One person per belt
Two people (including children) should
never attempt to use a single seat belt.
This could increase the severity of
injuries in case of an accident.
Do not lie down
To reduce the chance of injuries in the
event of an accident and to achieve max-
imum effectiveness of the restraint sys-
tem, all passengers should be sitting up
and the front and rear seats should be in
an upright position when the car is mov-
ing. A seat belt cannot provide proper
protection if the person is lying down in
the rear seat or if the front and rear seats
are in a reclined position.
WARNING - Pregnant
Pregnant women must never place
the lap portion of the safety belt
over the area of the abdomen
where the unborn child is located
or above the abdomen where the
belt could seriously injure or even
cause the death of the unborn child
during an impact.
WARNING - Shoulder belts
on small children
Never allow a shoulder belt to be
in contact with a child’s neck or
face while the vehicle is in
If seat belts are not properly worn
and adjusted on children, there is
a risk of death or serious injury.
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