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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
For safety reasons, we recommend that
the child restraint system be used in the
rear seats.
Since all passenger seat belts move
freely under normal conditions and only
lock under extreme or emergency condi-
tions (emergency locking mode), you
must manually change these seat belts
to the automatic locking mode to secure
a child restraint.
Placing a passenger seat belt into
the automatic locking mode
The automatic locking mode will help
prevent the normal movement of the
child in the vehicle from causing the seat
belt to loosen and compromise the child
restraint system. To secure a child
restraint system, use the following proce-
WARNING - Child seat
A child can be seriously injured
or killed in a collision if the child
restraint is not properly anchored
to the vehicle and the child is not
properly restrained in the child
restraint. Before installing the
child restraint system, read the
instructions supplied by the child
restraint system manufacturer.
If the seat belt does not operate
as described in this section, have
the system checked immediately
by your authorized HYUNDAI
Failure to observe this manual's
instructions regarding child
restraint systems and the
instructions provided with the
child restraint system could
increase the chance and/or
severity of injury in an accident.
Never place a rear-facing child
restraint in the front passenger
seat, because of the danger that an
inflating passenger-side air bag
could impact the rear-facing child
restraint and kill the child.
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