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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
5. Remove as much slack from the belt
as possible by pushing down on the
child restraint system while feeding the
shoulder belt back into the retractor.
6. Push and pull on the child restraint
system to confirm that the seat belt is
holding it firmly in place. If it is not,
release the seat belt and repeat steps
2 through 6.
7. Double check that the retractor is in the
“Automatic locking” mode by attempt-
ing to pull more of the seat belt out of
the retractor. If you cannot, the retractor
is in the “Automatic locking” mode.
To remove the child restraint, press the
release button on the buckle and then
pull the lap/shoulder belt out of the
restraint and allow the seat belt to retract
When the seat belt is allowed to
retract to its fully stowed position, the
retractor will automatically switch
from the “Automatic locking” mode to
the emergency lock mode for normal
adult usage.
Securing a child restraint seat with
“Tether Anchor” system
Child restraint hook holders are located
on the package tray.
WARNING - Automatic
locking mode
The lap/shoulder belt automatically
returns to the “emergency lock
mode” whenever the belt is allowed
to retract fully. Therefore, the pre-
ceding seven steps must be fol-
lowed each time a child restraint is
If the retractor is not in the
Automatic Locking mode, the child
restraint can move when your vehi-
cle turns or stops suddenly. A child
can be seriously injured or killed if
the child restraint is not properly
anchored to the car, including set-
ting the retractor to the Automatic
Locking mode.
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