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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
1. Route the child restraint seat strap
over the seatback.
For vehicles with adjustable head-
rests, route the tether strap under the
headrest and between the headrest
posts, otherwise route the tether strap
over the top of the seatback.
2. Connect the tether strap hook to the
appropriate child restraint hook holder
and tighten to secure the child restraint
WARNING - Child restraint
Check that the child restraint sys-
tem is secure by pushing and
pulling it in different directions.
Incorrectly fitted child restraints
may swing, twist, tip or separate
causing death or serious injury.
WARNING - Tether strap
Never mount more than one child
restraint to a single tether anchor
or to a single lower anchorage
point. The increased load caused
by multiple seats may cause the
tethers or anchorage points to
break, causing serious injury or
A child can be seriously injured or
killed in a collision if the child
restraint is not properly anchored
to the car and the child is not prop-
erly restrained in the child restraint.
Always follow the child seat manu-
facturer’s instructions for installa-
tion and use.
- Child restraint anchorage
Child restraint anchorages are
designed to withstand only those
loads imposed by correctly fitted
child restraints. Under no circum-
stances are they to be used for
adult seat belts or harnesses or
for attaching other items or
equipment to the vehicle.
• The tether strap may not work
properly if attached somewhere
other than the correct tether
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