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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
LATCH anchors have been provided in
your vehicle. The LATCH anchors are
located in the left and right outboard rear
seating positions. Their locations are
shown in the illustration. There is no
LATCH anchor provided for the center
rear seating position.
The LATCH anchors are located between
the seatback and the seat cushion of the
rear seat left and right outboard seating
Follow the child seat manufacturer’s
instructions to properly install child
restraint seats with LATCH or LATCH-
compatible attachments.
Once you have installed the LATCH child
restraint, assure that the seat is properly
attached to the LATCH and tether
Also, test the child restraint seat before
you place the child in it. Tilt the seat from
side to side. Also try to tug the seat for-
ward. Check to see if the anchors hold
the seat in place.
If the child restraint is not anchored
properly, the risk of a child being
seriously injured or killed in a colli-
sion greatly increases.
LATCH lower anchors are only to
be used with the left and right rear
outboard seating positions. Never
attempt to attach a LATCH
equipped seat in the center seating
position. You may damage the
anchors or the anchors may fail
and break in a collision.
Do not allow the rear seat belt web-
bing to get scratched or pinched by
the child-seat latch and LATCH
anchor during the installation.
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