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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Noise and smoke
When the air bags inflate, they make a
loud noise and they leave smoke and
powder in the air inside of the vehicle.
This is normal and is a result of the igni-
tion of the air bag inflator. After the air
bag inflates, you may feel substantial dis-
comfort in breathing due to the contact of
your chest with both the seat belt and the
air bag, as well as from breathing the
smoke and powder. Open your doors
and/or windows as soon as possible
after impact in order to reduce dis-
comfort and prevent prolonged expo-
sure to the smoke and powder.
Though the smoke and powder are non-
toxic, they may cause irritation to the skin
(eyes, nose and throat, etc). If this is the
case, wash and rinse with cold water
immediately and consult a doctor if the
symptom persists.
Do not install a child restraint on the
front passenger’s seat.
Never place a rear-facing child restraint
in the front passenger’s seat. If the air
bag deploys, it would impact the rear-fac-
ing child restraint, causing serious or
fatal injury.
In addition, do not place front-facing child
restraints in the front passenger’s seat
either. If the front passenger air bag
inflates, it could cause serious or fatal
injuries to the child.
When the air bags deploy, the air
bag related parts in the steering
wheel and/or instrument panel
and/or in both sides of the roof rails
above the front and rear doors are
very hot. To prevent injury, do not
touch the air bag storage area’s
internal components immediately
after an air bag has inflated.
Extreme Hazard! Do not use a
rearward facing child restraint on
a seat protected by an air bag in
front of it!
Never put a child restraint in the
front passenger’s seat. If the front
passenger air bag inflates, it
would cause serious or fatal
When children are seated in the
rear outboard seats of a vehicle
equipped with side air bags, be
sure to install the child restraint
system as far away from the door
side as possible, and securely
lock the child restraint system in
Inflation of side and/or curtain air
bags could cause serious injury
or death to an infant or child.
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