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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Always be sure that you and all vehicle
occupants are seated and restrained
properly (sitting upright with the seat in
an upright position, centered on the seat
cushion, with the person's legs comfort-
ably extended, feet on the floor, and
wearing the safety belt properly) for the
most effective protection by the air bag
and the safety belt.
The OCS may not function properly if
the passenger takes actions which can
affect the classification system. These
(1) Failing to sit in an upright position.
(2) Leaning against the door or center
(3) Sitting towards the sides or the
front of the seat.
(4) Putting legs on the dashboard or
resting them on other locations
which reduce the passenger weight
on the front seat.
(5) Improperly wearing the safety belt.
(6) Reclining the seat back.
Condition and operation in the front passenger occupant classification system
*1) The system judges a person of adult
size as an adult.When a smaller adult
sits in the front passenger seat, the
system may recognize him/her as a
child depending on his/her physique
and posture.
*2) Do not allow children to ride in the
front passenger seat. When a larger
child who has outgrown a child
restraint system sits in the front pas-
senger seat, the system may recog-
nize him/her as an adult depending
upon his/her physique or sitting posi-
*3) Never install a child restraint system
on the front passenger seat.
Riding in an improper position or
placing weight on the front passen-
ger's seat when it is unoccupied by
a passenger adversely affects the
occupant classification system
Condition detected by the
occupant classification system
Indicator/Warning light Devices
indicator light
warning light
Front passenger
air bag
1. Adult *
or child age 13 and up*
Off Off Activated
2. Infant or child restraint system with
12 months old*
On Off
3. Unoccupied On Off
4. Malfunction in the system Off On Activated
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