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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Even though your vehicle is
equipped with the occupant clas-
sification system, do not install a
child restraint system in the front
passenger seat position. A child
restraint system must never be
placed in the front seat.The infant
or child could be severely injured
or killed by an air bag deployment
in case of an accident.
Children age 12 and under must
always be properly restrained in
the rear seat. Never allow chil-
dren to ride in the front passen-
ger seat. If a child over 12 must
be seated in the front seat, he or
she must be properly belted and
the seat should be moved as far
back as possible.
For maximum safety protection in
all types of crashes, all occu-
pants including the driver should
always wear their seat belts
whether or not an air bag is also
provided at their seating position
to minimize the risk of severe
injury or death in the event of a
crash. Do not sit or lean unneces-
sarily close to the air bag while
the vehicle is in motion.
No objects should be placed over
or near the air bag modules on
the steering wheel, instrument
panel, and the front passenger's
panel above the glove box,
because any such object could
cause harm if the vehicle is in a
crash severe enough to cause
the air bags to deploy.
Never place covers, blankets or
seat warmers on the passenger
seat as these may interfere with
the occupant classification sys-
Do not tamper with or disconnect
SRS wiring or other components
of the SRS system. Doing so
could result in injury, due to acci-
dental deployment of the air bags
or by rendering the SRS inopera-
If the SRS air bag warning light
remains illuminated while the
vehicle is being driven, have an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer
inspect the air bag system as
soon as possible.
Air bags can only be used once –
have an authorized HYUNDAI
dealer replace the air bag imme-
diately after deployment.
The SRS is designed to deploy
the front air bags only when an
impact is sufficiently severe and
when the impact angle is less
than 30° from the forward longitu-
dinal axis of the vehicle.
Additionally, the air bags will only
deploy once. Seat belts must be
worn at all times.
Front air bags are not intended to
deploy in side-impact, rear-
impact or rollover crashes. In
addition, front air bags will not
deploy in frontal crashes below
the deployment threshold.
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