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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Curtain air bag
Curtain air bags are located along both
sides of the roof rails above the front and
rear doors.
They are designed to help protect the
heads of the front seat occupants and
the rear outboard seat occupants in cer-
tain side impact collisions.
The side impact air bag is sup-
plemental to the driver's and the
passenger's seat belt systems
and is not a substitute for them.
Therefore your seat belts must be
worn at all times while the vehicle
is in motion. The air bags deploy
only in certain side impact condi-
tions severe enough to cause
significant injury to the vehicle
For best protection from the side
impact air bag system and to
avoid being injured by the
deploying side impact air bag,
both front seat occupants should
sit in an upright position with the
seat belt properly fastened. The
driver's hands should be placed
on the steering wheel at the 9:00
and 3:00 positions. The passen-
ger's arms and hands should be
placed on their laps.
Do not use any accessory seat
Use of seat covers could reduce
or prevent the effectiveness of
the system.
Do not install any accessories on
the side or near the side air bag.
Do not place any objects over the
air bag or between the air bag
and yourself.
Do not place any objects (an
umbrella, bag, etc.) between the
front door and the front seat.
Such objects may become dan-
gerous projectiles and cause
injury if the supplemental side air
bag inflates.
To prevent unexpected deploy-
ment of the side impact air bag
that may result in personal injury,
avoid impact to the side impact
sensor when the ignition switch
is on.
If the seat or seat cover is dam-
aged, have the vehicle checked
and repaired by an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer because your
vehicle is equipped with side
impact air bags and an occupant
classification system.
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