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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Immobilizer system (if equipped)
Your vehicle is equipped with an elec-
tronic engine immobilizer system to
reduce the risk of unauthorized vehicle
Your immobilizer system is comprised of
a small transponder in the ignition key
and electronic devices inside the vehicle.
With the immobilizer system, whenever
you insert your ignition key into the igni-
tion switch and turn it to ON, it checks
and determines and verifies if the ignition
key is valid.
If the key is determined to be valid, the
engine will start.
If the key is determined to be invalid, the
engine will not start.
To activate the immobilizer system:
Turn the ignition key to the OFF position.
The immobilizer system activates auto-
matically. Without a valid ignition key for
your vehicle, the engine will not start.
To deactivate the immobilizer sys-
Insert the ignition key into the key cylin-
der and turn it to the ON position.
When starting the engine, do not use the
key with other immobilizer keys around.
Otherwise the engine may not start or
may stop soon after it starts. Keep each
key separate in order to avoid a starting
If you need additional keys or lose your
keys, consult an authorized HYUNDAI
The transponder in your ignition
key is an important part of the
immobilizer system. It is designed
to give years of trouble-free service,
however you should avoid expo-
sure to moisture, static electricity
and rough handling. Immobilizer
system malfunction could occur.
In order to prevent theft of your
vehicle, do not leave spare keys
anywhere in your vehicle. Your
Immobilizer password is a cus-
tomer unique password and should
be kept confidential. Do not leave
this number anywhere in your vehi-
Do not change, alter or adjust the
immobilizer system because it
could cause the immobilizer sys-
tem to malfunction and should only
be serviced by an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Malfunctions caused by improper
alterations, adjustments or modifi-
cations to the immobilizer system
are not covered by your vehicle
manufacturer warranty.
Do not put metal accessories near
the ignition switch.
Metal accessories may interrupt the
transponder signal and may pre-
vent the engine from being started.
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