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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
This system is designed to provide pro-
tection from unauthorized entry into the
vehicle. This system is operated in three
stages: the first is the "Armed" stage, the
second is the "Theft-alarm" stage, and
the third is the "Disarmed" stage. If trig-
gered, the system provides an audible
alarm with blinking of the hazard warning
Armed stage
Using the smart key
Park the vehicle and stop the engine.
Arm the system as described below.
1.Turn off the engine.
2.Make sure that all doors, the engine
hood and trunk lid are closed and
• Lock the doors by pressing the button of
the front outside door handle with the
smart key in your possession.
After completion of the steps above, the
hazard warning lights and chime will
operate once to indicate that the system
is armed.
If any door remains open, the doors won't
lock and the chime will sound for 3 sec-
onds. Close the door and try again to lock
the doors.
If trunk lid or engine hood remains open,
the hazard warning lights and chime
won't operate and theft-alarm will not
arm. After this, trunk lid and engine hood
are closed, the hazard warning lights
blink once.
The transmitter is designed to
give you years of trouble-free
use, however it can malfunction if
exposed to moisture or static
electricity. If you are unsure how
to use your transmitter or replace
the battery, contact an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Using the wrong battery can
cause the transmitter to malfunc-
tion. Be sure to use the correct
To avoid damaging the transmit-
ter, don't drop it, get it wet, or
expose it to heat or sunlight.
An inappropriately disposed bat-
tery can be harmful to the environ-
ment and human health.
Dispose the battery according to
your local law(s) or regulation.
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