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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Do not arm the system until all pas-
sengers have left the vehicle. If the
system is armed while a passenger(s)
remains in the vehicle, the alarm may
be activated when the remaining pas-
senger(s) leave the vehicle. If any
door (or trunk) or engine hood is
opened within 30 seconds after the
system enters the armed stage, the
system is disarmed to prevent an
unnecessary alarm.
Theft-alarm stage
The alarm will be activated if any of the
following occurs while the system is
• A door is opened without using the
transmitter (or smart key or mechani-
cal key).
The trunk is opened without using the
transmitter (or smart key).
The engine hood is opened.
The horn will sound and the hazard
warning lights will blink continuously for
approximately 30 seconds, and the alarm
will repeat once more unless the system
is disarmed. To turn off the system,
unlock the doors with the mechanical key
or transmitter or smart key.
Opening the trunk with the alarm
armed (if equipped)
When the alarm is armed, the alarm will
not sound if the trunk lid is opened with
the transmitter (or smart key).
Once the trunk is opened and then
closed, the trunk will be locked automati-
cally and the system will be armed again.
Also, if any of the doors or hood is
opened while the trunk lid is open and
the alarm is armed, the alarm will sound.
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