2017 Kawasaki Mule SX — Owner's Manual – Page #141

Posted on 29 Dec, 2017
Model: 2017 Kawasaki Mule SX
Pages: 156

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aluminum should be wa
shed with a mild neutral de-
tergent and finished with a spray polish. Aluminum
wheels, both painted and unpainted can be cleaned
with special non-ac
id based wheel spray cleaners.
Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber
If your vehicle has leather accessories, special
care must be taken. Use a leather cleaner/treatment
to cle an and care for leather accessories. Washing
leather parts with detergent and water will damage
them, shortening their life.
Vinyl parts should be washed with the rest of the
vehicle, then trea ted with a vinyl treatme nt.
The sidewalls of tires and other rubber compo-
nents should be treated with a rubber protectant to
help prolong their useful life.
Avoid spraying water with any great force near the
following plac es.
Front and rear brakes - if water gets into the brake
drums, they will
not work effectively until they have
dried out.
Under the cargo bed - if water gets into the ignition
coil or into the
spark plug c ap, it can ground out
the spark. When this happens the vehicle will not
operate properly and the affected parts must be
wiped dry.
Coin operated, high pressure spray wash-
ers are not recommended. Water may be
forced into bear ing
s and other components
causing eventual failure from rust and cor-
rosion. Some soaps are highly alkaline and
may leave a residue
or cause spotting.
Abrasive cleanser or high pressure washer will
damage the surface fin ish on the bodyw ork.
Washing Your Vehicle
Before washing,
precautions m ust be taken to
keep water off the following parts.
Muffler rear opening - cover with a plastic bag.
Ignition switch
- cover the keyhole with tape.
Rinse your vehicle with cold water from a garden
hose to remove any loose dirt.
Mix a mild neut
ral detergent (designed for motor-
cycles or automobiles) and water in a bucket. Use
a soft cloth or sponge to wash your vehicle.
After washing, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with
clean water to remove any residue (residue from
the detergent can dam a ge part s of your ve hicle).
Remove the
plastic bag and tape.
Use a soft cloth to dry your vehicle. As you dry,
inspect your vehicle for chips and scratches. Do
not let the water air dry as this can damage the
painted surfaces.

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