2017 Kawasaki Mule SX — Owner's Manual – Page #145

Posted on 29 Dec, 2017
Model: 2017 Kawasaki Mule SX
Pages: 156

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Gasolin e is extremely flammable and can
be explosive under certain conditions and
cause severe burns. Do not sm oke. Turn
the ignition switch off. Make sure the area
is well ventilated and free from any source
of flame or sparks, including any appliance
with a pilot light.
Gasoline is a toxic substance. Dispose of
fuel properly. Contact your local authorities
for approved disposal methods.
stabilizer, such as STA-BIL, may be used. Follow
the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
Fuel stabilizers may contain poisonous sub-
stances. Heed the manufacturer’s warnings
for use.
Remove the spark plug and spray fogging oil di-
rectly into the cylinder. Turn the engine over sev-
eral times with the ignition switch key to coat the
cylinder walls. Install the spark plug.
An air/oil mist may be forcibly ejected from
the spark plug hole and could get into your
eyes. Do not lean over the engine when per-
forming this procedure. If you do get oil in
your eyes, wash them immediately with lib-
eral amounts of clean, fresh water and con-
sult a physician as soon as possible.
Put boards under the front and rear wheels to keep
dampness away from the tire rubber.
Spray oil on all
unpainted met al surfaces to pre-
vent rusting. Avoid getting oil on rubber parts or in
the brakes.
Lubricate all t
he cables as indicated in the “Gen-
eral Lubrication” section in the “MAINTENANCE
Remove the ba
ttery, and store it where it will not
be exposed to direct sunlight, m oisture, or freezing
temperatures. During st ora ge it should be given a
slow charge (
one ampere or less) about once a
Keep the battery well charged during cold
weather so that the electrolyte does not
freeze and
crack open the battery. The more
discharged a battery becomes, the more
easily it freezes.
Never remo
ve the sealing strip, or the battery
can be damaged.

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