2017 Kawasaki Mule SX — Owner's Manual – Page #34

Posted on 29 Dec, 2017
Model: 2017 Kawasaki Mule SX
Pages: 156

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Incorrect loading, improper installation or
use of accessories, or modification of your
vehicle may result
in an unsafe operating
condition. Before you operate it, make sure
that the vehicle is not overloaded and that
you have followed
these instructions.
With the exception of genuine Kawasaki Parts and
Accessories, Ka
wasaki has no control over the de-
sign or application of accessories. In some cases,
improper installation or use of accessories, or vehi-
cle m odificati
ons, will void the utility vehicle warran ty.
In selecting and usin g accessorie s, and in loadin g
the vehicle, you are personally responsible for your
own safety and
the safety of other person involved.
Kawasaki Parts
and Accessories have been spe-
cially designed for use on Kawasaki u tility veh i-
cles. We strongly recommend that all parts and
you add to your vehicle be genuine
Kawasaki com ponents.
Because any vehicle is sensitive to increases in
weight and changes in weight distribution, you m ust
take care in carrying cargo. Always follow these pre-
Carrying ca rgo , passenger and/or pulling a trailer
can make the vehicle difficult to steer and may af-
fect vehicle handling in an unpredictable manner.
Use extreme caution when climbing and descend-
ing hills, and tra v e rsing slop es.
Braking distanc e is increased when carrying
cargo, passe nger, a nd/or pulling a traile r. Reduce
speed and allow g
reater distance for braking.
All cargo should be carried as low as possible to
reduce the effect on the vehicle’s center of gravity.
Cargo weight should be equally distributed from
side to side. This helps maintain stability by cen -
tralizing weight. Avoid carrying cargo that extends
beyond the rear of the ve hic le. Do not c arry cargo
on top of the ROPS.
Cargo should be securely anchored. Make sure
the cargo will not move a round while the vehicle
is moving. Recheck cargo security as often as
possible (wh ile the vehicle is stopped) an d adjust
as necessary.
The front body work and fenders are not de-
signed to carry cargo or to support weight.
Do not p la
ce cargo, lean or sit on them, or
they may break.
This veh
icle is not designed to carry passengers
in th e cargo bed. Insta lling add itional p assenger

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