2017 Kawasaki Mule SX — Owner's Manual – Page #79

Posted on 29 Dec, 2017
Model: 2017 Kawasaki Mule SX
Pages: 156

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Driving in Reverse
Start the engine foll
owing the procedure in the
“Starting the Engine” section. Before shifting into
reverse, stop the vehicle completely. R e fer to the
“Gear Shift Lever” in
TION” chapter and “Shifting Gears” section in the
“HOW TO OPERATE” chapter.
Turn around and look
behind you before backing
up to b e sure there are no obstacles o r people in yo ur
way. Gradually open the throttle and begin backing
up cautiously.
To stop while driving in reverse, close the throttle
and gradually apply the brake. Avoid s udden appli-
cation of the brak
Do not operate the
gear shift lever to change
gears while driving the vehicle in reverse, or
the transmission may be damaged.
Look behind you before backing up.
Open the throttle gradually.
To stop, gradually apply the brake.
Driving in “4WD” (KAF400H/K/L/M/N)
“4WD” gives greater t
raction w h en you are climb-
ing steep inclines, or driving on bumpy, sandy or
snowy s urfaces. It also helps break loose, with the
differential locked
under certain circumstances, for
example, when the vehicle is stuck in the mud. If
maximum torque is needed in these situations, shift
into the “L” (Low) p
osition with the gea r sh ift lever.
Refer to the “Shifting Gears” section, “2WD/4WD
Shifting” and “Shifting th e Different ial” sections in the
Do not drive in “4WD
on paved surfaces, because
it increases tire and drive train wear and makes the
steering feel tight.
Use “4WD” on steep
inclines or loose surfaces, or
when stuck in the mud, with the differential locked
if necessary.
For maximum torque, shift into low range.
Do not drive in “4WD” on paved surfaces.

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