2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS — Owner's Manual – Page #147

Posted on 29 Jan, 2019
Model: 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS
Pages: 172

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Plastic parts may deteriorate
and break if they c o me in con-
tact with chemical substances
or household cleaning products
such as gasoline, brake fluid,
window cleaners, thread-locking
agents, or other harsh chemi-
cals. If a plastic part comes in
contact with any harsh chemical
substance, wash it off immedi-
ately with water and a mild neu-
tral detergent, and then inspect
for damage. Avoid using abra-
sive pads or brushes to clean
age the part’s finish.
Chrome and Aluminum
Chrome and uncoated aluminum
parts can be treated with a chrome/alu-
minum polish. Coated aluminum
should be washed with a mild neu-
tral detergent and finished with a spray
polish. Aluminum wheels, both painted
and unpainted can b e cleaned with
special non-acid based wheel spray
Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber
If your vehicle has leather acces-
sories, special care m u st be taken.
Use a leather cleaner/treatment to
clean and care for leather accessories.
Washing leather parts with detergent
and water will damage them, shorten-
ing their life.
Vinyl parts should be washed with the
rest of the vehicle, then treated with a
vinyl treatment.
The sidewalls of tires and other rub-
ber components s hould be treated with
a rubber protectant to help prolong their
useful life.

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