2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS — Owner's Manual – Page #156

Posted on 29 Jan, 2019
Model: 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS
Pages: 172

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Inspect the fuse condition. If any fuse has blown, replace it with a new o ne of the
same amperage.
Substituting fuses can cause wiring to overheat, catch fire and/or fail. Use
only standard fuses of the correct capacity and specifications.
Check the battery cable connections etc. (see page 138). If necessary, tighten
the connecting bolts to securely connect them.
In case of slow blinking of the turn signal lights, low volume of the horn sound,
or when you press the starter button and hear a click but the starter motor does
not rotate, battery charging status is not good. Refresh the battery’s charge (see
page 137) and check if the starter motor rotates.
Even after a refresh charge, if the starter motor stops rotating the engine properly,
the battery may have deteriorated. Have the battery inspected by an authorized
Kawasaki dealer.
If the starter motor will not start after completing the above inspection and mainte-
nance, there may be something wrong with another part such as the starter motor.
Ask an authorized Kawasaki dealer for inspection and maintenance.

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