2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS — Owner's Manual – Page #89

Posted on 29 Jan, 2019
Model: 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS
Pages: 172

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Shifting down km/h (mph)
6th 5th 30 (19)
5th 4th 25 (15)
4th 3rd 20 (12)
3rd 2nd 15 (9)
2nd 1st 15 (9)
The transmission is equipped with a
positive neutral finder. W hen the mo-
torcycle is standing still, the tra n s mis-
sion cannot be shifted past neutral
from 1st gear. To use the positive
neutral finder, shift down to 1st gear,
then lift u p on the shift pedal while
standing still. The transmission will
shift only into neutral.
Close the throttle completely, leav-
ing the clutch engaged (except when
shifting g e ars) so that the engine will
help slow down the motorcycle.
Shift down one gear at a time so that
you are in 1st gear when you come
to a complete stop.
When stopping, always apply both
brakes at the same time. Normally
the front brake sho uld be applied a lit-
tle more than the rear. Shift down or
fully disengage the clutch as neces-
sary to keep the engine from stalling.
Never lock the brakes, or it will cause
the tires to skid. When turnin g a cor-
ner, it is better not to brake at all. Re-
duce your speed before you get into
the corner.
For emergency braking, disregard
downshifting, and concentrate on

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