2018 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 — Owner's Manual – Page #67

Posted on 29 Jan, 2019
Model: 2018 Kawasaki Versys-X 300
Pages: 174

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Passing Button
The high beam turns on only while
the passing button is pushed.
Hazard Switch
Push in the hazard switch with the
ignition switch in the “ON” position. A ll
the turn signal lights and turn signal
indicators will blink.
Be careful not to use the hazard
lights for an extended period of time,
otherwise the battery m ay become
totally discharged.
Gasoline is extreme ly flammable
and can be explosive under cer-
tain conditions, creating the po-
tential for serious burns. Turn
the ignition switch off.
Do not smoke.
tilated and free from any source
of flame or sparks; this includes
any appliance with a pilot light.
Fuel Requirements
Use clean, flesh unleaded gasoline
with the following conditions.
Antiknock Index of 87 or more
Up to 10% of ethanol contained

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