2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS — Owner's Manual – Page #95

Posted on 29 Dec, 2017
Model: 2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS
Pages: 178

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distance of a motorcycle with ABS
may be longer than that of an equiv-
alent motorcycle without ABS. Use
special caution in such areas.
ABS will help prevent wheel lock-up
when braking in a straight line, but it
cannot control wheel slip which may
be caused by braking during corner-
ing. When turning a corner, it is bet-
ter to limit braking to the light appli-
cation of both brakes or not to brake
at all. Reduce your speed before you
get into the corner.
Same as conventional brake system,
an excessive sudden braking may
cause wheel lock up that makes it
harder to control a motorcycle.
During braking, ABS will not prevent
the rear wheel lifting.
ABS cannot protect the rider
from all possible hazards and
is not a substitute for safe rid-
ing practices. Be aware of how
the ABS system operates and
its limitations. It is the riders
responsibility to ride at appro-
priate speeds and manner for
weather, road surface and traffic
The computers integrated in the ABS
compare vehicle speed with wheel
speed. Since non-recommended
tires can affect wheel s peed, they
may confuse the computers, which
can extend braking distance.

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