2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #15

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Your new Kia vehicle is designed to use
only unleaded fuel having a pump octane
number ((R+M)/2) of 87 (Research
Octane Number 91) or higher.
Your new vehicle is designed to obtain
maximum performance with UNLEADED
FUEL, as well as minimize exhaust emis-
sions and spark plug fouling.
Gasoline containing alcohol and
Gasohol, a mixture of gasoline and
ethanol (also known as grain alcohol),
and gasoline or gasohol containing
methanol (also known as wood alcohol)
are being marketed along with or instead
of leaded or unleaded gasoline.
Do not use gasohol containing more than
10% ethanol, and do not use gasoline or
gasohol containing any methanol. Either
of these fuels may cause drivability prob-
lems and damage to the fuel system.
Discontinue using gasohol of any kind if
drivability problems occur.
Vehicle damage or drivability problems
may not be covered by the manufactur-
er’s warranty if they result from the use
1. Gasohol containing more than 10%
2. Gasoline or gasohol containing
3. Leaded fuel or leaded gasohol.
"E85" fuel is an alternative fuel com-
prised of 85 percent ethanol and 15 per-
cent gasoline, and is manufactured
exclusively for use in Flexible Fuel
Vehicles. “E85” is not compatible with
your vehicle. Use of “E85” may result in
poor engine performance and damage to
your vehicle's engine and fuel system.
Kia recommends that customers do not
use fuel with an ethanol content exceed-
ing 10 percent.
Never add any fuel system cleaning
agents to the fuel tank other than
what has been specified. (Consult
an authorized Kia dealer for
Do not "top off" after the nozzle
automatically shuts off when
Tighten the cap until it clicks one
time, otherwise the Check Engine
light will illuminate.
Always check that the fuel cap is
installed securely to prevent fuel
spillage in the event of an acci-
Never use gasohol which contains
methanol. Discontinue use of any
gasohol product which impairs dri-
Your New Vehicle Limited Warranty
does not cover damage to the fuel
system or any performance prob-
lems caused by the use of “E85” fuel.

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