2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #164

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Features of your vehicle
This system can only sense objects with-
in the range and location of the sensors;
It can not detect objects in other areas
where sensors are not installed. Also,
small or slim objects, such as poles or
objects located between sensors may not
be detected by the sensors.
Always visually check behind the vehi-
cle when backing up.
Be sure to inform any drivers of the
vehicle that may be unfamiliar with the
system regarding the systems capabili-
ties and limitations.
If you don’t hear an audible warning
sound or if the buzzer sounds intermit-
tently when shifting the gear to the R
(Reverse) position, this may indicate a
malfunction in the rear parking assist sys-
tem. If this occurs, have your vehicle
checked by an authorized Kia dealer as
soon as possible.
Pay close attention when the vehi-
cle is driven close to objects on the
road, particularly pedestrians, and
especially children. Be aware that
some objects may not be detected
by the sensors, due to the object’s
distance, size or material, all of
which can limit the effectiveness of
the sensor. Always perform a visu-
al inspection to make sure the vehi-
cle is clear of all obstructions
before moving the vehicle in any
Your new vehicle warranty does not
cover any accidents or damage to
the vehicle or injuries to its occu-
pants due to a rear parking assist
system malfunction. Always drive
safely and cautiously.

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