2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #212

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Features of your vehicle
Using a cellular phone or a two-way
When a cellular phone is used inside the
vehicle, noise may be produced from the
audio equipment. This does not mean
that something is wrong with the audio
equipment. In such a case, use the cellu-
lar phone at a place as far as possible
from the audio equipment.
Care of discs
If the temperature inside the vehicle is
too high, open the vehicle windows for
ventilation before using your vehicle
It is illegal to copy and use MP3/WMA
files without permission. Use CDs that
are created only by lawful means.
Do not apply volatile agents such as
benzene and thinner, normal cleaners
and magnetic sprays made for ana-
logue disc onto CDs.
To prevent the disc surface from get-
ting damaged. Hold and carry CDs by
the edges or the edges of the center
hole only.
Clean the disc surface with a piece of
soft cloth before playback (wipe it from
the center to the outside edge).
• Do not damage the disc surface or
attach pieces of sticky tape or paper
onto it.
Make sure objects other than CDs are
not inserted into the CD player (Do not
insert more than one CD at a time).
Keep CDs in their cases after use to
protect them from scratches or dirt.
Depending on the type of CD-R/CD-
RW CDs, certain CDs may not operate
normally according to manufacturing
companies or making and recording
methods. In such circumstances, if you
still continue to use those CDs, they
may cause the malfunction of your
vehicle audio system.
NOTICE - Playing an
Incompatible Copy
Protected Audio CD
Some copy protected CDs, which do not
comply with the international audio CD
standards (Red Book), may not play on
your vehicle audio. Please note that if
you try to play copy protected CDs and
the CD player does not perform correct-
ly the CDs maybe defective, not the CD
Do not use a cellular phone while
driving. Stop at a safe location to
use a cellular phone.
When using a communication sys-
tem such a cellular phone or a radio
set inside the vehicle, a separate
external antenna must be fitted.
When a cellular phone or a radio set
is used with an internal antenna
alone, it may interfere with the vehi-
cle's electrical system and adverse-
ly affect safe operation of the vehi-

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