2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #227

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Features of your vehicle
Satellite Radio channels:
Satellite Radio has over 130
channels, including 69 channels of 100%
commercial-free music, plus sports, news,
talk and entertainment available nationwide
in your vehicle. For more information and a
complete list of SIRIUS
Satellite Radio
channels, visit sirius.com in the United
States, sirius-canada.ca in Canada, or call
SIRIUS at 1-888-539-7474.
Radio reception factors:
To receive the satellite signal, your vehi-
cle has been equipped with a satellite
radio antenna located on the roof of your
vehicle. The vehicle roof provides the
best location for an unobstructed, open
view of the sky, a requirement of a satel-
lite radio system. Like AM/FM, there are
several factors that can affect satellite
radio reception performance:
Antenna obstructions: For optimal
reception performance, keep the anten-
na clear of snow and ice build-up and
keep luggage and other material as far
away from the antenna as possible.
Terrain: Hills, mountains, tall buildings,
bridges, tunnels, freeway overpasses,
parking garages, dense tree foliage
and thunderstorms can interfere with
your reception.
Satellite Radio service:
Satellite Radio is a subscrip-
based satellite radio service that broad-
casts music, sports, news and entertain-
ment programming to radio receivers,
which are available for installation in
motor vehicles or factory installed, as
well as for the home, portable and wire-
less devices, and through an Internet
connection on personal computer.
Vehicles that are equipped with a factory
installed SIRIUS
Satellite Radio system
Hardware and an introductory trial sub-
scription term, which begins on the
date of sale or lease of the vehicle.
• For a small upgrade fee, access to
music channels, and other
select channels over the Internet using
any computer connected to the
Internet (U.S. customers only).
For information on extended subscrip-
tion terms, contact SIRIUS
at 1-888-
Satellite Radio requires SIRIUS
patible receiver and a subscription serv-
ice fee after trial period.
Vehicles without a factory-installed
radio receiver require hardware pur-
chase and installation. Please see your
dealer for further details. All fees and
programming subject to change.
Subscriptions governed by the SIRIUS
Terms & Conditions available at
.sirius.com / service terms.
Available only in the 48 contiguous
United States and the District of
Columbia. Service available in Canada;
see www
Kia shall not be responsible for any
such programming changes.
Satellite Radio Electronic Serial
Number (ESN): This 12-digit Satellite
Serial Number is needed to re-activate,
modify or track your satellite radio
account. You will need this number when
communicating with SIRIUS
Satellite Radio information (if equipped)

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