2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #232

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Features of your vehicle
Receiving a Phone Call
When receiving a phone call, a ringtone
is audible from speakers and the audio
system changes into telephone mode.
When receiving a phone call, “Incoming
call” message and incoming phone num-
ber (if available) are displayed on the
To Answer a Call:
- Press button on the steering wheel.
To Reject a Call:
- Press button on the steering wheel.
To Adjust Ring Volume:
- Use VOLUME buttons on the steering
To Transfer a Call to the Phone (Secret
- Press and hold button on the
steering wheel until the audio system
transfers a call to the phone.
Talking on the Phone
When talking on the phone, “Active Call”
message and the other party’s phone
number (if available) are displayed on the
To Finish a Call
- Press button on the steering wheel.
In the following situations, you or the
other party may have difficulty hearing
each other:
1. Speaking at the same time, your voice
may not reach each other parties. (This
is not a malfunction.) Speak alternate-
ly with the other party on the phone.
2. Keep the Bluetooth
wireless technol-
ogy volume to a low level. High-level
volume may result in distortion and
3. When driving on a rough road.
4. When driving at high speeds.
5. When the window is open.
6. When the air conditioning vents are
facing the microphone.
7. When the sound of the air condition-
ing fan is loud.
wireless technology
Audio Music Streaming
The audio system supports Bluetooth
wireless technology A2DP (Audio
Advanced Distribution Profile) and
AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control
Profile) technologies.
Both profiles provide steaming of music
via compatible “PAIRED” Bluetooth
wireless technology Cellular phone.
To stream music from the Bluetooth
wireless technology cellular phone, play
your music files on your cellular phone
according to your cellular phone user’s
manual and press the button on
the audio system until “MP3 play” is dis-
played on the LCD.
The audio system head unit displays

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