2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #238

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Features of your vehicle
A shortcut to each of the following func-
tions is available:
1. Say “Call Name”
• Dialing by Number
A phone call can be made by dialing the
spoken numbers. The system can recog-
nize single digits from zero to nine.
Press button.
Say “Call”.
Say “By number” when prompted.
Say desired phone numbers.
Say “Dial” to complete the number and
make a call.
A shortcut to each of the following func-
tions is available:
Say “Dial Number”
Say “Dial <digit>”
Phone Book (In-Vehicle)
• Adding entry by voice
Phone numbers and voice tags can be
registered. Entries registered in the
phone can also be transferred.
Press button.
Say "Phonebook".
- The system replies with all available
- To skip the information message,
press again and then a beep is
Say “Add Entry”.
Say “By Voice” to proceed.
Say the name of the entry when
Say “Yes” to confirm.
Say the phone number of that entry
when prompted.
Say “Store” if phone number input is
Say a phone number type. “Home”,
“Work”, “Mobile”, “Other” or “Default” is
Say “Yes” to complete adding entry.
Say “Yes” to store additional location
for this contact, or say “Cancel” to fin-
ish the process.
- The system can recognize single digits
from zero to nine. Numbers that are
ten or greater cannot be recognized.
- You can enter each digit individually
or group digits together in preferred
string lengths.
- To speed up input, it is a good idea to
group all digits into a continuous string.
- Recommend to enter the numbers
constituted an grouping within all
digit numbers to dial 995 / 734 / 0000
- The display corresponding to each
operation appears on the screen as fol-
Input operation example:
1. Say: “Nine, nine, five”
Display: “995”
2. And say: “Seven, three, four”
Display: “995734”

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