2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #276

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Driving your vehicle
Active ECO operation
Active ECO helps improve fuel efficiency
by controlling the engine and transaxle.
But fuel-efficiency can be changed by the
driver's driving habits and road condi-
When the Active ECO button is
pressed the ECO indicator (green) will
illuminate to show that the Active ECO
is operating.
When the Active ECO is activated, it
does not turn off even though the
engine is restarted again. To turn off
the system, press the active ECO but-
ton again.
If Active ECO is turned off, it will return
to the normal mode.
Limitation of Active ECO operation:
If the following conditions occur while
Active ECO is operating, the system
operation is limited even though there is
no change in the ECO indicator.
When the coolant temperature is low:
The system will be limited until engine
performance becomes normal.
When driving up a hill:
The system will be limited to gain
power when driving uphill because the
engine torque is restricted.
When using sports mode:
The system will be limited according to
the shift location.
When the accelerator pedal is deeply
pressed for a few seconds:
The system will be limited, Judging
that the driver wants to speed up.

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