2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #297

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
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What to do in an emergency
Hazard warning flasher
The hazard warning flasher serves as a
warning to other drivers to exercise
extreme caution when approaching,
overtaking, or passing your vehicle.
It should be used whenever emergency
repairs are being made or when the vehi-
cle is stopped near the edge of a road-
Depress the flasher switch with the igni-
tion switch in any position. The flasher
switch is located in the center console
switch panel. All turn signal lights will
flash simultaneously.
The hazard warning flasher operates
whether your vehicle is running or not.
The turn signals do not work when the
hazard flasher is on.
Care must be taken when using the
hazard warning flasher while the vehi-
cle is being towed.
If the engine stalls at a crossroad
or crossing
If the engine stalls at a crossroad or
crossing, set the shift lever in the N
(Neutral) position and then push the vehi-
cle to a safe place.
If you have a flat tire while driving
If a tire goes flat while you are driving:
1.Take your foot off the accelerator pedal
and let the vehicle slow down while
driving straight ahead. Do not apply the
brakes immediately or attempt to pull
off the road as this may cause a loss of
control. When the vehicle has slowed
down to such a speed that it is safe to
do so, brake carefully and pull off the
road. Drive off the road as far as possi-
ble and park on a firm level ground. If
you are on a divided highway, do not
park in the median area between the
two traffic lanes.
2.When the vehicle is stopped, turn on
your emergency hazard flashers, set
the parking brake and put the transaxle
in P (automatic transaxle) or reverse
(manual transaxle).

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