2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #372

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Interior care
Interior general precautions
Prevent caustic solutions such as per-
fume and cosmetic oil from contacting
the dashboard because they may cause
damage or discoloration. If they do con-
tact the dashboard, wipe them off imme-
diately. See the instructions for the prop-
er way to clean vinyl.
Cleaning the upholstery and interior
Remove dust and loose dirt from vinyl
with a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner.
Clean vinyl surfaces with a vinyl cleaner.
Remove dust and loose dirt from fabric
with a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner.
Clean with a mild soap solution recom-
mended for upholstery or carpets.
Remove fresh spots immediately with a
fabric spot cleaner. If fresh spots do not
receive immediate attention, the fabric
can be stained and its color can be
affected. Also, its fire-resistant properties
can be reduced if the material is not
properly maintained.
Cleaning the lap/shoulder belt web-
Clean the belt webbing with any mild
soap solution recommended for cleaning
upholstery or carpet. Follow the instruc-
tions provided with the soap. Do not
bleach or re-dye the webbing because
this may weaken it.
Cleaning the interior window glass
If the interior glass surfaces of the vehi-
cle become fogged (that is, covered with
an oily, greasy or waxy film), they should
be cleaned with glass cleaner. Follow the
directions on the glass cleaner container.
Never allow water or other liquids
to come in contact with
electrical/electronic components
inside the vehicle as this may dam-
age them.
Using anything but recommended
cleaners and procedures may affect
the fabric’s appearance and fire-
resistant properties.
Do not scrape or scratch the inside
of the rear window. This may result
in damage to the rear window
defroster grid.
When cleaning leather products
(steering wheel, seats etc.), use
neutral detergents or low alcohol
content solutions. If you use high
alcohol content solutions or
acid/alkaline detergents, the color
of the leather may fade or the sur-
face may get stripped off.

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