2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #373

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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The emission control system of your
vehicle is covered by a written limited
warranty. Please see the warranty infor-
mation contained in the Warranty &
Maintenance booklet in your vehicle.
Your vehicle is equipped with an emis-
sion control system to meet all applicable
emission regulations.
There are three emission control sys-
tems, as follows.
(1) Crankcase emission control system
(2) Evaporative emission control system
(3) Exhaust emission control system
In order to assure the proper function of
the emission control systems, it is rec-
ommended that you have your vehicle
inspected and maintained by an author-
ized Kia dealer in accordance with the
maintenance schedule in this manual.
Caution for the Inspection and
Maintenance Test (With Electronic
Stability Control (ESC) system)
To prevent the vehicle from misfir-
ing during dynamometer testing,
turn the Electronic Stability Control
(ESC) system off by pressing the
ESC switch.
After dynamometer testing is com-
pleted, turn the ESC system back on
by pressing the ESC switch again.
1. Crankcase emission control
The positive crankcase ventilation sys-
tem is employed to prevent air pollution
caused by blow-by gases being emitted
from the crankcase.This system supplies
fresh filtered air to the crankcase through
the air intake hose. Inside the crankcase,
the fresh air mixes with blow-by gases,
which then pass through the PCV valve
into the induction system.
2. Evaporative emission control
(including ORVR: Onboard
Refueling Vapor Recovery)
The Evaporative Emission Control
System is designed to prevent fuel
vapors from escaping into the atmos-
(The ORVR system is designed to allow
the vapors from the fuel tank to be
loaded into a canister while refueling at
the gas station, preventing the escape of
fuel vapors into the atmosphere.)

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