2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #375

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Do not operate the engine in confined
or closed areas (such as garages) any
more than what is necessary to move
the vehicle in or out of the area.
When the vehicle is stopped in an
open area for more than a short time
with the engine running, adjust the
ventilation system (as needed) to draw
outside air into the vehicle.
Never sit in a parked or stopped vehi-
cle for any extended time with the
engine running.
When the engine stalls or fails to start,
excessive attempts to restart the
engine may cause damage to the
emission control system.
Operating precautions for catalytic
converters (if equipped)
Your vehicle is equipped with a catalytic
converter emission control device.
Therefore, the following precautions
must be observed:
Use only UNLEADED FUEL for gaso-
line engines.
Do not operate the vehicle when there
are signs of engine malfunction, such
as misfire or a noticeable loss of per-
Do not misuse or abuse the engine.
Examples of misuse are coasting with
the ignition off and descending steep
grades in gear with the ignition off.
Do not operate the engine at high idle
speed for extended periods (5 minutes
or more).
Do not modify or tamper with any part
of the engine or emission control sys-
tem. All inspections and adjustments
must be made by an authorized Kia
Avoid driving with a extremely low fuel
level. Running out of fuel could cause
the engine to misfire, damaging the
catalytic converter.
Failure to observe these precautions
could result in damage to the catalytic
converter and to your vehicle.
Additionally, such actions could void your
A hot exhaust system can ignite
flammable items under your vehi-
cle. Do not park, idle or drive the
vehicle over or near flammable
objects, such as grass, vegeta-
tion, paper, leaves, etc.
The exhaust system and catalytic
system are very hot while the
engine is running or immediately
after the engine is turned off. Keep
away from the exhaust system
and catalytic, you may get burned.
Also, do not remove the heat sink
around the exhaust system, do
not seal the bottom of the vehicle
or do not coat the vehicle for cor-
rosion control. It may present a
fire risk under certain conditions.

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