2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #40

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Safety features of your vehicle
Seat belt warning (for driver’s seat)
The driver's seat belt warning light and
chime will activate to the following table
when the ignition switch is in "ON" posi-
It is essential to replace the entire
assembly after it has been worn in
a severe impact even if damage to
the assembly is not obvious. Belts
should not be worn with straps
twisted. Each belt assembly must
only be used by one occupant; it is
dangerous to put a belt around a
child being carried on the occu-
pant's lap.
No modifications or additions
should be made by the user
which will either prevent the seat
belt adjusting devices from oper-
ating to remove slack, or prevent
the seat belt assembly from being
adjusted to remove slack.
When you fasten the seat belt, be
careful not to latch the seat belt in
buckles of other seat. It's very dan-
gerous and you may not be pro-
tected by the seat belt properly.
Do not unfasten the seat belt and
do not fasten and unfasten the
seat belt repeatedly while driving.
This could result in loss of con-
trol, and an accident causing
death, serious injury, or property
When fastening the seat belt,
make sure that the seat belt does
not pass over objects that are
hard or can break easily.
Make sure there is nothing in the
buckle. The seat belt may not be
fastened securely.

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