2013 KIA Optima — Owner's Manual – Page #53

Posted on 22 May, 2015
Model: 2013 KIA Optima
Pages: 382

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Safety features of your vehicle
Never leave children unattended
in a vehicle – not even for a short
time. The car can heat up very
quickly, resulting in serious
injuries to children inside. Even
very young children may inadver-
tently cause the vehicle to move,
entangle themselves in the win-
dows, or lock themselves or oth-
ers inside the vehicle.
Never allow two children, or any
two persons, to use the same
seat belt.
Children often squirm and repo-
sition themselves improperly.
Never let a child ride with the
shoulder belt under their arm or
behind their back. Always prop-
erly position and secure children
in rear seat.
Never allow a child to stand-up or
kneel on the seat or floorboard of
a moving vehicle. During a colli-
sion or sudden stop, the child
can be violently thrown against
the vehicles interior, resulting in
serious injury.
Never use an infant carrier or a
child safety seat that "hooks"
over a seatback, it may not pro-
vide adequate security in an acci-
Seat belts can become very hot,
especially when the vehicle is
parked in direct sunlight. Always
check the seat belt buckles
before fastening them over a
After an accident, have an author-
ized Kia dealer check the child
restraint system, seat belt, tether
anchor and lower anchor.
If there is not enough space to
place the child restraint system
because of the driver's seat,
install the child restraint system
in the rear right seat.
To reduce the chance or serious or
fatal injuries:
Children of all ages are safer
when restrained in the rear seat.
A child riding in the front passen-
ger seat can be forcefully struck
by an inflating air bag resulting in
serious or fatal injuries.
Always follow the child restraint
system manufacture’s instruc-
tions for installation and use of
the child restraint.
Always make sure the child seat
is secured properly in the vehicle
and your child is securely
restrained in the child seat.
Never hold a child in your arms or
lap when riding in a vehicle. The
violent forces created during a
crash will tear the child from your
arms and throw the child against
the vehicle’s interior.
Never put a seat belt over your-
self and a child. During a crash,
the belt could press deep into the
child causing serious internal

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