2005 KTM 525 EXC Racing — Owner's Manual

Posted on 24 Sep, 2015
Model: 2005 KTM 525 EXC Racing
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When you start off, the motorcycle must be in perfect technical condition. For safety reasons, you should make a habit of performing an overall check of your motorcycle before each start. The following checks should be performed: CHECK THE OIL LEVEL: Insufficient oil results in premature wear and consequently to engine damage. FUEL: Check that there is sufficient fuel in the tank; when closing the filler cap, check that the tank venting hose is free of kinks.

CHAIN: A loose chain can fall from the chain wheels; an extremely worn chain can tear, and insufficient lubrication can result in unnecessary wear to the chain and chain wheels. Excessive tensioning of the chain will put additional load on the components of the secondary drivetrain (chain, bearings of transmission and rear wheel). Aside from resulting in premature wear, if worst comes to worst the chain may rupture or the countershaft of the transmission may break. TIRES: Check for damaged tires.

Tires showing cuts or dents must be replaced. The tread depth must comply with the legal regulations. Also check the air pressure. Insufficient tread and incorrect air pressure deteriorate the driving performance.

BRAKES: Check correct functioning of the braking system. Check for sufficient brake fluid in the reservoir. The reservoirs have been designed in such a way that brake fluid does not need to be refilled even when the brake pads are worn. If the level of brake fluid falls below the minimum value, this indicates a leak in the braking system or completely worn out brake pads.

Arrange for the braking system to be checked by a KTM specialist, as complete failure of the braking system can be avoided. Also check the state of the brake hose and the thickness of the brake linings. Check free travel at the hand brake lever and foot brake lever. CABLES: Check correct setting and easy running of all control cables.

COOLING FLUID: Check the level of the cooling fluid when the engine is cold. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Check correct functioning of headlamps, tail-lights, brake lights, indicators, control lamps and horn while the engine is running. LUGGAGE: If you are taking luggage with you, check that this is securely fastened.

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