2017 KTM 65 SX — Owner's Manual

Posted on 15 Feb, 2017
Model: 2017 KTM 65 SX
Pages: 94

File size: 4 MB

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Manual Description
TUNING THE ENGINE. The idle setting of the carburetor has a big influence on the starting behavior, stable idling and the response to throttle opening. That means that an engine with a correctly set idle speed is easier to start than if the idle is set wrongly. If the engine speed rises considerably, reduce the idle speed to a normal level and repeat the above steps.

If the procedure described here does not lead to satisfactory results, the cause may be a wrongly dimensioned idling jet. If you can turn the idle air adjusting screw to the end without any change of engine speed, you need to install a smaller idling jet. After changing the idling jet, start from the beginning with the adjusting steps. Following extreme air temperature or altitude changes, adjust the idle speed again.

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