Dodge Avenger PDF Manuals

On this page, you will find 8 manuals available for the Dodge Avenger.


Dodge Avenger

The Dodge Avenger was a midsize sedan that aimed to provide a balance of style, performance, and value. It featured distinctive Dodge styling cues and aimed to offer a comfortable ride for both daily commuting and longer journeys.

Engine Options:

The Avenger typically offered a range of engine options, depending on the trim level. The engines included inline-four and V6 options. The specific engines and their displacements varied by model year.


The Avenger aimed to provide a mix of performance and fuel efficiency. It featured a suspension system tuned for a comfortable ride, making it suitable for everyday driving.

Interior and Features:

The interior of the Dodge Avenger featured a design focused on driver comfort and convenience. Depending on the trim level, it could come equipped with features such as an infotainment system, touchscreen displays, and available leather upholstery.


The Avenger typically came with an automatic transmission, often a 4-speed or 6-speed automatic, depending on the model year and engine configuration. Some models may have been available with a manual transmission.

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