2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED6 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 16 Apr, 2015
Model: 2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED6
Pages: 413

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Manual Description
Then lean back to the desired position and Always sit in a passenger seat properly release the lever. As a result the front passenger will not have the supplementary protection of the air bag and seat belt pretensioner, which Make sure the lever returns to its original could cause result in serious injury. If the installed when seats are being used seatback is not supported, it will flip and make sure they are properly forward suddenly and could cause adjusted: injury.

With no support behind your head, your neck could be By moving the seat lever up or down, the seriously injured in a collision. Adjust the head restraint so that the top is even with the top of the passenger's ears, never the passenger's neck. The front seats contain air bag components essential to the supplemental restraint system.

Other strong enough to inflate the air bags, than turning it on or off, it cannot be could damage the front seats which adjusted. If there was a subsequent collision, an air bag may not deploy which could lead to injuries. Avoid extended operation because excessive use can Do not drive with the seats reclined: damage the motors.

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