2003 Mazda MPV — Owner's Manual

Posted on 20 May, 2015
Model: 2003 Mazda MPV
Pages: 307

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Manual Description
Then lean back to the desired position and When the seatback is at the desired angle, release the lever. Lever Make sure the lever returns to its original position and the seatback is locked in place by attempting to push it forward and backward. If the seatback is not supported, it will flip forward suddenly and could cause injury.

With no support behind Stop-catch release your head, your neck could be seriously injured in a collision. Always drive with the head restraints inserted when seats are being used and make sure they are properly adjusted. After the table is Using the seat side table while the collapsed, press the table surface to lock it vehicle is moving is dangerous.

During a sudden stop or position the shoulder portion of a collision, objects can become projectiles that could hit and injure front seat belt over the armrest. Make sure the adjustable components of the seat are locked in place by attempting to slide the seat forward and backward and rocking the seatback. Leaving the seatback unlocked is dangerous as it can allow passengers to be ejected or thrown around and baggage to strike occupants in a sudden stop or collision, resulting in severe injury.

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