2012 Nissan 370Z — Repair Manual - Engine L System (Section Lu)

Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2012 Nissan 370Z
Pages: 17

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Manual Description
Insert oil level gauge and check the engine oil level is within the range (A) shown in the figure. L If difference is extreme, check engine oil passage and oil pump for engine oil leakage. After warming up engine, check there is no leakage of engine oil with running engine.

If skin contact is made, wash thoroughly with soap or hand cleaner as soon as possible. Warm up the engine and check area around drain plug and oil filter for engine oil leakage. C When removing, prepare a shop cloth to absorb any engine oil leakage or spillage.

Screw oil filter manually until it touches the installation surface, then tighten it by 2/3 turn (A). Check the engine oil level and the engine coolant level and add engine oil and engine coolant. After removing regulator valve plug, remove regulator valve spring and regulator valve.

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