2010 Nissan Altima Coupe Quick Reference Guide

2010 Nissan Altima Coupe Quick Reference Guide
Posted on 16 Feb, 2015
Model: 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe
Pages: 40

File size: 3 MB

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Manual Description
To disable auto mode, press one of the air flow mode control buttons 05 , turn the fan speed control dial 06 or press the front defroster control button 07. This will al ow the passenger's side temperature to be adjusted independently from the driver's side control. Turn the driver's side temperature control dial left or right to set the desired temperature.

To set the defroster on high, turn the fan speed control dial all the way to the right. The air recirculation mode can only be selected if the air flow control mode is in the following positions: , or. Then press and hold the desired station select button (1-6) until the preset number is updated on the display and the sound is briefly muted.

To retrieve a previously set station, select the radio band where the preset was stored, then press the corresponding station select button (1-6). When a compatible storage device is plugged into the jack, compatible audio or video files on the storage device can be played through the vehicle's audio system. Select the connect Bluetooth” key and a screen wil appear asking if you are connecting the device to use with the hands-free phone system.

Manual Cover
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Year 2010
Make Nissan
Model Altima Coupe
Language English
Pages 40
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 3 MB

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