2006 Nissan Quest — Repair Manual - Engine L System (Section Lu)

Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2006 Nissan Quest
Pages: 18

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Manual Description
Thoroughly clean the mating surface removing any adhering moisture, grease and foreign material. Apply the sealant without breaks to the specified location with the specified dimensions using Tool. After 30 minutes or more have passed from the installation, fill the engine with the proper oil and coolant.

F If engine oil becomes milky, it is highly probable that it is contaminated with engine coolant. Apply thread sealant and tighten the oil pressure sensor to specification using Tool. Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer; try to avoid direct skin contact with used oil.

If skin contact is made, wash thoroughly with soap or hand cleaner as soon as possible. Park the vehicle on a flat and level surface, then start the engine to warm up the oil. Always use the dipstick to determine when the proper amount of oil is in the engine.

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