2007 Nissan Titan — Repair Manual - Rear Axle (Section RAX)

Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2007 Nissan Titan
Pages: 12

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Manual Description
Check that the axle shaft bearing operates smoothly. Remove the parking brake assembly from the back plate. Remove the four axle shaft bearing cage nuts and lock washers.

Remove the axle shaft assembly using Tools as shown. Remove the cup carefully so as not to damage the inner surface of the axle shaft housing. The axle oil seal must be I replaced every time the axle shaft assembly is removed from the axle shaft housing.

Remove the snap ring from the axle shaft using suitable snap ring pliers. Secure the axle shaft in a suitable vise, then use a 1/4 in size drill bit to drill a hole approximately 3/4 into the thickness of the bearing ring retainer [3/4 thickness is approximately 6. Do not drill all the way through the bearing ring retainer, the drill may damage the axle shaft surface.

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