2008 Subaru Impreza — 4. Climate control

Posted on 16 Feb, 2015
Model: 2008 Subaru Impreza
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Manual Description
The culation” mode by manually pressing fan speed control dial is used to select the air inlet selection button. However the indicator on the Place the air inlet selection button to the air conditioner button will not come on. Set the fan speed control dial to the Continued operation with the air highest speed.

If your vehicle is equipped with an air conditioner, when the ” or ” position is selected, the air conditioner compressor automatically operates regardless of the To direct warm air to the windshield and position of the air conditioner button to front door windows: defog the windshield quickly. Set the air flow control dial to the ” However, the air conditioner indicator light position. Set the air flow control dial to the ” foot outlets is slightly warmer than from 1.

Climate control 4-7 When driving on a dusty road, set the air through the instrument panel outlets: red side. Set the air conditioner button to the dial set in the ” or ” position to position may fog up the windows. Set the air flow control dial to the ” passenger compartment, performing the position.

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