2014 Volkswagen CC — Park Distance Control (PDC)

Posted on 15 May, 2015
Model: 2014 Volkswagen CC
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Manual Description
The closer the vehicle gets to the obstacle, the faster the beep. When the obstacle is very close, the sound is continuous. If you move even closer to the obstacle despite the continuous warning sound, the system cannot measure the distance remaining until collision.

Never rely completely on these systems for information about people and objects that might be in the way of the vehicle and could be struck resulting in serious personal injuries. The sensors cannot always detect people, animals, and objects. Under certain circumstances, the system will not detect people and objects for this reason.

The system will no longer sound warnings about these objects. Automatically deactivate Drive forward faster than about 6 – 9 mph (10 – 15 km/h). If a continuous tone sounds, its volume remains the same.

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