2009 Volvo C30 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 6 Apr, 2015
Model: 2009 Volvo C30
Pages: 274

File size: 7 MB

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Manual Description
Improperly used, Additionally, an inexperienced installer any of these could cause a distraction. Distraction installed by someone unfamiliar with your can lead to a serious accident. The front seat belts Make sure that the shoulder belt is rolled also include a tension reducing device which, up into its retractor and that the shoulder in the event of a collision, limits the peak forces and lap belts are taut.

Before plate into the receptacle until a distinct click is exiting the vehicle, check that the seat belt heard. Never wear the shoulder portion it near the lower seat belt guide, not over the of the belt under the arm, behind the back shoulder. The diagonal section should wrap taken out of the guide and slid to the rearmost over the shoulder then be routed between the part of the lower seat belt anchorage rod to breasts and to the side of the belly.

The lap make it easier for passengers to enter or exit section should lay flat over the thighs and as the rear seat. Remove all slack from the belt and insure that it fits close to the body without any twists. As a pregnancy progresses, pregnant drivers should adjust their seats and steering wheel such that they can easily maintain control of the vehicle as they drive (which means they must be able to easily operate the foot pedals and `` 19.

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