2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP Owner's Manual

2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP Owner's Manual
Posted on 31 Jul, 2017
Model: 2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP
Pages: 118

File size: 9 MB

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Manual Description
Instrument and control functions. The following wheel switch operations are common operations for accessing, selecting, and moving within the MENU screen and its modules. Long push - press and hold the wheel switch for one second to access the MENU screen or exit MENU entirely. Select - rotate the wheel switch up or down to highlight the desired module or setting item and then short push the wheel switch (briefly press the wheel switch inward) to confirm the selection.

Triangle mark - certain setting screens have an upward pointing triangle mark item. Select the triangle mark to exit that screen and move back one screen (or long push the wheel switch to exit MENU entirely). “YRC Setting”: This module allows you to customize the four YRC modes MODE-A, MODE-B, MODE-C, MODE-D by adjusting the setting levels (or on/off status as applicable) of YRC items PWR, TCS, QSS, and ERS. PWR: Select PWR-1 for the most aggressive throttle response, PWR-2 for standard throttle grip/engine response, and use PWR-3 for rainy days or whenever less engine power is desirable.

TCS: Select TCS-1 to minimize traction control, TCS-2 for a moderate level of traction control, and use TCS-3 for rainy days or whenever maximum traction control is desirable.

Manual Cover
2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP Owner's Manual Image

Year 2017
Make Yamaha
Model MT-10 SP
Language English
Pages 118
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 9 MB

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